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Real, high quality art and craft

This site is designed for artists, craftmen and those who are interested in all forms of art. Standard membership of this site is free. All you need to do is to have an Internet email account and to provide some personal information. This information will not be sold on to any other organsiations nor will we use this information to spam you with unsolicited emails.

We will provide the following facilities to you as a standard member. You can upload up to 5 items of your own art or craft. These will be displayed in our galleries and will be searchable by major search engines. Members who are interested in your art can contact you via Internet email. You can contribute to our forums to discuss topics of interest with other members of this site. You can also bid on auctions. You may join communities formed by other members of the site. All this is free.

Premium members on this site costs from £5 per month. There is a discount if you pay for more than one month. As a premium member you have additional facilities not open to standard members. You may list a price for your art which will be displayed on your gallery listing. There is no limit to the number of items that you can upload. You can submit your art for auctions. You can also form your own mini-community over which you have control.

So what is the catch? There is none. Art Makers is providing this site as a commercial profit making venture. By providing the basic facilities free, we believe we can foster a wider community of interest around all forms art and craft. We also believe that some of you will become premium, that is paying members, because you will find the additional features valuable. Therefore it is in our interests to grow this community and continue to provide free facilities.

The Collective (founders, Darien Peter and David) is creating a family of sites with the theme of arts and crafts to promote arts and crafts generally. We already have a site for professional artists where the membership is validate by an expert panel. We will also be launching a similar site for real crafts.

So welcome to the Art Makers site.

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