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Keeping Windows secure

In my other article (Microsoft and the common man) I said : Any business that can't keep its systems secure and operational is either going out of business or going back to the 19th century. That might seem a bit extreme, but we have heard of viruses getting to cash machines [ NY Times ] [ The Register ] and if that wasn't enough, some viruses are seeking credit card information [ The Register ] so, what can you do about it. Here are some clues :-
  • If you are on Broadband use an ADSL Modem+Router I use the D-Link DSL-504. This will give you another layer of security. It won't stop email viruses but it will stop worms.

  • Use a Firewall Windows XP has a firewall built in but is not enabled by default. Zone Lab's ZoneAlarm Its one of the best around and its free. If you are using grown-up operating systems like Mac OS-X, Linux, BSD or Solaris the firewall is included

  • Use a Virus Scanner Grisoft - AVG This is also free. Norton Internet Security 2004 Automatic removal of viruses, worms and Trojan horses. McAffee Internet Security 6.0 VirusScan, Firewall, SpamKiller, Pop Up Blocking & Spyware Protection.

  • Use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer It has gotten so bad that a US Government agency (US-CERT) has advised against the use of Internet Explorer (IE).

  • Keep your system updated This applies if you are using Windows or Linux.

Many of these products can be purchased from the Internet and the free ones can be downloaded straight away.

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