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An Intro to SEO - Chapter 7 - The problem with frames

We came, we saw, we got trapped !

Frames are a good way to divide a page into separate areas of content like having a fixed logo at the top and bottom and text scrolling in the middle.

There are two types of frame :-

  • Frame Sets. A page (the Framing page) is devoted to defining the framed areas and the links to pages (the Framed pages) that contain the actual content. Its important to note that the framing page contains no content its self and will be of little interest to search engine 'bots' which is a bit inconvenient because this is the page we want our visitors to hit first.

  • Inline Frames. Are like normal pages but can have a fixed area where another page can show through.

The problem here is the framed pages will be of most interest to search engine 'bots' and the most likely to be landed on by users. If someone does land on one of these pages it will not be inside its framing page and will be seen totally out of context. Its possible to put a link like this at the base of the page to put the page in the correct context :-

<A HREF="index.html" TARGET="_parent">Click here</A>

This would certainly work but could be a bit confusing. Luckily there is a bit of JavaScript that will do it automaticly :-

if (top == self) self.location.href = "index.html";
// -->

Most search engines are becoming aware of frames, so that situation should improve over time.

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