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An Intro to SEO - Chapter 9 - Myth busting

Its not what we don't know thats the problem - its what we know for sure that just ain't so

  • If I build a good site everyone will come. Only if they know about it and can find your site. If you dont get good search results no one will come.

  • I need to submit my site to the search engines on a regular basis. No, all you need is one (or more) links to your site, the 'bots' will do the rest.

  • Putting other people's articles on my site will increase its popularity. Not really. Many other sites will be doing the same thing and Google will rate your site down because of duplicate content.

  • I need to stop people deep-linking into my site and force everyone to go through my home page. Only if you also want to loose most of your traffic !! The power of the web is the ability for anyone to link to any page on any site. By forcing visitors to enter through your home page you will make your site less useful.

    Example: A fan of the author 'Charles Dickens' could link to RareList like this : and would be able to show their visitors any books we have by Charles Dickens when they click that link. If we were to ask that person to put their link to the home page, that person would certainly view our site as less useful and put their link to a different site altogether.

  • Forcing my users to watch a Flashy intro each time they visit my site is a really neat idea. No it isn't !!! search engines aren't too keen on it either.

  • I will increase my site's visibility by stuffing invisible (white on white) key words on my pages. No you wont !! Google knows this trick and will demote your site if it sees this happening.

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