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Craft, Real Craft CLOSED A virtual home for real craftwork

Real, high quality craftwork Craft, Real Craft

This site was set-up to be a home for an endangered species that is slowly being pushed out of existence. This is the traditional, passionate craftsman / woman who still employ hard earned manual skills and techniques to produce unique works of depth and meaning.


We intend to bring the work of all our craftsmen to the attention of as wide an audience as possible and make the purchasing of such craft easy and inexpensive.

All the craftsmen will submit example images of their work to our panel of respected working craft makers, and only after assessment and majority consent will access to the sites be granted. This may seem a little stern, however less liberal methods are usually employed in a standard gallery which are in the majority of cases dictatorships.

Craft Real Craft welcomes and actively encourages participation on the sites forums for both submitting and non submitting members, including our top 100 lists.

Simply sign on as a non submitting member and contact us when you like...

Where exhibition opportunities and other advantages can be shared, along with balanced critiques and general chat.

Current Projects

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