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DynaForms Web based questionnaire processing

DynaForms DynaForms is a web application that enables you to create and test simple questionnaires (and surveys), invite people by email to fill them in and review the results.

Our user-friendly form design features allow you to build your own questionnaires in a matter of minutes and revise them when you want. Once you have submitted the form, it is ready for use.

Our secure facilities also allow you to direct the questionnaire specifically to your targets. By using the agency features, you or yor agents can securely invite your specific targets to complete the required form through an email. The email contains a link to the Dynaform secure areas and only shows the recepient the form you want to complete. The recipient can only access the form through the email and therefore security is preserved. Once the form is completed, the results are saved on to a database against the specific questionnaire and is available for download by you or your staff.

In addition, we will also tailor specific reports to yor requirements. So whether you want feedback from a recruitment process or want to target a spefic group of people, Dynaform is the application for you. Since, it is web-based, you will surprised at the cost-effectiveness of the service. If you want to know more, please fill in the following details and one of our customer advisers will get back to you.

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