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2012 Mar 08 RT @cryptogon: UK 'Must Plan for Euro Collapse'
2012 Mar 08 @Kami_Noska Hi Kamila, it was lovely to chat to you last night. Hope you had a great time
2012 Jan 30 Opportunities @ British Women Artists - Courses on how to earn money from art
2012 Jan 13 Quote: Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. There might be a law against it by that time !
2011 Dec 25 is looking at this years tax bill and wondering what key people in the HMRC he should take out to lunch ... any suggestions ?
2011 Dec 14 The British Women Artists competition has concluded. The prize-giving (and booze-up) should happen next week.
2011 Dec 02 The BWA art competition has closed & the judges: Mila Askarova, Gaye Black & Miriam Halahmy are going through the entries.
2011 Dec 01 Movida must the worst club in London :( not only did they keep us standing outside in the rain, they also cancelled our party - UNLIKE !
2011 Nov 30 RT @jarom: A man is not old until his regrets take the place of dreams. Yiddish proverb
2011 Nov 30 3 parties in London this week. Movida, Privee and Funkybuddha. And a new project in the works !
2011 Nov 28 Our start-up is about to get 1.4 million hits this month - result !!
2011 Nov 04 BWA competition judges: Mila Askarova, Gaye Black and Miriam Halahmy
2011 Nov 04 British Women Artists (BWA) competition is in full swing -
2011 Nov 04 Result ! RareList got over 1 Million hits last month, SEO is a wonderful thing -
2011 Oct 10 Is working on - as the competition will be starting in a short while.
2011 Oct 06 15 minutes of wisdom from the late, great Steve Jobs - enjoy -
2011 Sep 18 Use to promote your web site
2011 Sep 18 Can't Get Over You (Venus Casino) Mincing machines, planes in space, elephant+tiger combo wearing lipstick - Enjoy -
2011 Sep 18 Rebecca Martini Ferrari (The Goggenheim) Pure class
2011 Sep 15 Our start-up also does manuscripts, maps, magazines, comics, postcards and photos !
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