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When I'm not socialising, watching live bands in Faversham, sipping Champagne with gorgeous models, having high powered business meetings, working with artists, gossiping on street corners or partying in London, I do actually get some work done !

Skills and Expertise
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation This is a technique that allows a web site to rank higher on Google when someone searches using relevant keywords.

    One of our sites, RareList ranks #2 on Google for the term rare books using this technique.

  • Google SiteMaps These are used on large complicated web sites, usually database driven. They help Google's 'web bots' find all your content so it can be indexed and searched.

  • Secure Downloads Most of your content is supposed to be publically accessible, however it is quite possible to 'hide' content (music, documents, pages) behind pay-walls.

  • PayPal Integration Many sites have "Buy Now" buttons but it is also possible for PayPal to send payment details to your web site software so it can update things like user profiles, payment details, transaction logs, etc.

Open Source software is now becoming mainstream. We have used it for many years in all of our web projects.
  • Linux I have used many distros including Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSE and Mandriva.

  • Apache This highly advanced web server is used by many hosting companies and web sites including ours.

  • MySQL This full-featured online database is behind many dynamic web sites.

  • PHP Allows the easy meshing of standard HTML and PHP scripting to create huge dynamic web sites.

  • FreeBSD I use FreeBSD on my servers here.

Brief Work History
  • 2009 Working with the model Claudia Bryan to give her an effective web presence.

  • 2008 Created an online community for british women to showcase their art. We have recently added a competition feature.

  • 2007 Created Art Makers a site for artists, craftsmen and women to show their work.

  • 2005 Created RareList a online community for people interested in rare books, manuscripts, comics, etc. It has a forum and a valuation service.

  • 2004 Formed incubation company M2MN to develop specialised, community-based web sites.

  • 2003 Left Legend. Self Employed. Started to use Open Source Software

  • 1998 Joined Legend. Developed 'Yes Property' (Estate Agent site) and 'Club Chat' (Allowed people to send text to large screen in clubs or pubs using mobile phones).

  • 1995 Left Cadessa. Self Employed.

  • 1993 Left Army. Moved to Faversham, Kent. Worked at Cadessa Computers.

  • 1991 Helped develop specialised software for 1st Gulf War and sent out there to support it.

  • 1981 Left 3 Queens. Joined REME (Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers) - Electronics.

  • 1973 Joined Brtish Army - 3rd Battalion Queens Regiment (3 Queens).

  • 1957 Born.

How I can help your organisation
Ideas on how to improve search rankings Having an effective web presence is very important if you are to stay competitive. If your customers can't find what they are looking for on your web site, your competitor's web site is only a mouse-click away !

I can work with your web developers to increase your site's visibility on the search engines by examining the HTML code on each page. Often good results can be achieved just by moving some code around.

I can show you how to create community-based web sites where your own users can help grow your site by creating content.

I can show you how to automate the creation of Google SiteMaps to get your web site indexed far more quickly by Google.

If you want to know more, you can contact me Here.

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